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The Most Wonderful (Office) Day of the Year

We recently celebrated our 10th annual Intrepid Day. This event encompasses our entire team participating in a day-long trip to a mystery destination as a reward for meeting the agency’s annual goals.

We take the first flight out in the morning and return on the last flight that same night. In past years, we’ve visited San Francisco, Disneyland and San Diego, to name a few. This year we landed in Los Angeles and spent the afternoon at one of Southern California’s highest-rated escape rooms. The day ended with the team hanging out at the beach, relaxing, laughing and spending time with work friends outside of the office.

While Intrepid Day sounds like a lot of fun --and it is-- the adventure has an important purpose. As an agency, we recognize the chemistry and comradery of our team not only plays a key role in recruiting and retention, but just as importantly enhances the work and service we provide for our clients.

The opportunity to spend dedicated time together in a different environment creates a common experience and bond that is difficult to explain and to replicate. We believe this is part of the secret sauce that makes Intrepid great. A special thanks to our clients for letting us escape for the day (quite literally) this year.