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Silence the Noise

Everyone has access to sales and marketing tools now. Enormous enterprise organizations are playing on the same PR, advertising and marketing field as small business owners and start-ups. While this is great news in terms of enabling burgeoning companies to grow and cost-effectively reach an enormous potential customer base, the insane number of messages we receive in a day (or hour or moment) through different channels can be really overwhelming and ineffective.

Everyone hates spam. As of late, we have multiple ways to block the things we don’t want to see. Instead of seeing 40 different ads when we log onto social media, surf the internet or check email, we now have the option to choose what we really want to see and opt-out of the rest. The power to pick and choose is forcing communications experts to figure out how to beat out the ever-growing pool of competition for people’s attention. Some marketers’ strategies have focused on spending more budget to be bigger, brighter, louder and more prevalent to try and gain attention. In many cases, this approach just isn’t working. Often, performance isn’t impressive and budget has evaporated by the time marketers figure that out.  

So, how can communications experts, to be cliché, “cut through the noise” and help companies stand out in an enormous crowd? How can marketers, especially in smaller companies and start-ups, make PR and advertising strides without blowing budgets?

1. Not to beat a dead horse, but first: do your research and get in your target audiences’ heads. Figure out who you are as a brand and why you’re different than all the others.

2. Second, create really great content. Seems like a “duh” but it’s a game changer when you have better content than your competitors. Understand what your target audience really wants to see (and how they want to see it.) What info can you provide to them to be helpful? Make an effort to impress. Avoid the hard sell - create content that showcases why you’re worthy of their attention!

3. Develop digital advertising and email campaigns that aren’t annoying. Ensure that frequency isn’t overbearing and that cadence/theme of your outreach follows your audience’s buyer’s journey. When retargeting, ensure your website is well-constructed and serves the needs of those clicking on ads.  

4. Creative has to be eye-catching. Copy and creative needs to be clean, engaging, relevant. Otherwise, you don’t have a hope in getting them to click to learn more.

The overarching secret is go back to the basics. By applying the fundamentals, even in this new digital frontier, you’re exponentially more effective and likely to succeed. While this may seem simple, there is a growing number of companies and communications professionals who don’t understand or are ignoring this simple truth and as a result, the noise is becoming deafening.