Intrepid – Cyber Hacking Crisis Communications Case Study

Cyber Hacking Crisis - Case Study

Intrepid - Cyber Hacking Crisis Communication Case Study


An outdoor digital sign belonging to a prominent intermountain west organization was hacked and a racial slur was posted during the middle of the night. Despite the issue being discovered and fixed by 6 a.m., a passing motorist captured video of the sign and posted it to YouTube. By 10 a.m., the video had gone viral and was garnering coverage from several prominent national media outlets.     


Intrepid was engaged to help contain the crisis and mitigate brand damage. We immediately began to divide and conquer with one team providing immediate response and another working on broader strategy.


  • Developed response strategy and messaging
  • Prepared and deployed spokesperson for initial media response
  • Facilitated conference calls with local organizations representing affected minority group
  • Organized/Coordinated joint press response with key organization
  • Executed, monitored and responded to traditional and social media responses


The organization apologized and condemned the hurtful statement. It explained its immediate response, including reaching out to the affected minority group, and new security measures that were being taken to better secure digital properties. The response positioned the organization as being responsible and helped mitigate damage and fallout of the one-day story. The minority group publicly praised the organization’s messaging and efforts.