Intrepid – Cyber Security Crisis Communications

Cyber Security Crisis Communications

For organizations large and small, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” as it relates to falling victim to cyber crime. To protect your brand and reputation, it's vital that cyber security crisis communications planning is built into your overall communications and IT plans.  

It’s vital you work with someone who’s an expert in both crisis and cyber security communications. We bring the background, expertise and experience to help you prepare and respond appropriately to any cyber security issue.


Cyber Security Crisis Response

Cyber Security Crisis Communications 

In the event of a cyber security incident, Intrepid works quickly to understand both the IT and communications specifics related to the crisis. From there, we work with C-Suite, communications, technical, legal and insurance teams to develop appropriate strategies and messaging, as well as orchestrate response.


Cyber Security Communication Assessments

Intrepid Cyber Security Communication Assessments

We offer communications assessments that take into account existing IT and internal communications, business practices, legal considerations and regulatory requirements. These assessments are an important first step in preparing your organization to better understand vulnerabilities and more effectively manage future cyber security events.  


Cyber Security Crisis Planning

Cyber Security Crisis Communications Planning 

We employ a proprietary planning process for both traditional and cyber security crises that has been honed through years of experience. We collaborate with all appropriate stakeholders to tailor plans to address the overall company and brand considerations with detailed care given to cyber-related concerns. Our planning efforts are thorough, flexible and include redundancy so timely decisions can be made at all levels and response can be executed even in the most extenuating circumstances.


Other Services

Intrepid Cyber Security Communication Services
  • Crisis Simulations
  • Crisis Monitoring
  • Media Spokesperson Training
  • Crisis Tune-ups

Intrepid Crisis Communications Experience + Case Studies

Intrepid's experience includes handling crises communications relating to data breaches, data hackings, phishing attacks, industrial accidents, investigative reports, corporate fraud, state and federal audits, sexual harassment, litigation, protests, murders, kidnappings, environmental issues, social media controversies, corporate downsizing and racial issues.