Intrepid –Elizabeth Smart Crisis Communications Case Study

Elizabeth Smart Crisis - Case Study

Intrepid - Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping Crisis Communications Case Study


Elizabeth Smart, and initially her family, have had several crisis communication needs from the kidnapping investigation and Elizabeth’s rescue to the trial of her abductors, her wedding, and ongoing day-to-day issues and reputation management.


Intrepid has worked with Elizabeth and her family since the early hours following her abduction and has provided a plethora of services including crisis response, reputation management, personal branding and positioning, messaging, media training and issues management.


  • Organized dynamic crisis response following abduction
  • Trained and prepared family spokespersons
  • Served as secondary spokesperson and completed hundreds of interviews
  • Developed and executed national Amber Alert campaign
  • Fielded more than 10,000 media inquiries during first nine months
  • Managed media response surrounding Elizabeth’s rescue
  • Coordinated media during the trial and sentencing of Elizabeth’s abductors
  • Assisted with personal branding and positioning
  • Organized and executed Elizabeth’s surprise wedding
  • Provide ongoing day-to-day reputation and issues management services


Intrepid helped the Smart family navigate through several controversies and issues surrounding the abduction and investigation, provided a key role in the effort to help pass national Amber Alert legislation, and successfully managed a crush of media covering Elizabeth’s rescue. Later, Intrepid helped with response to the trial verdict and sentencing of her abductors leveraging the opportunity to shine a light on cold cases and position Elizabeth as victim’s advocate. Intrepid currently works as a close advisor to Elizabeth providing reputation and issues management counsel and response.