Intrepid – Government Audit Crisis Communications Case Study

Government Audit Crisis - Case Study

Intrepid - Government Audit Crisis - Case Study


A quasi-government agency became entangled in a political issue and as a result was the subject of a government audit, despite its thorough policies and methodical practices.   


Intrepid worked hand-in-glove with the organization throughout the audit process to develop and execute effective response to uphold trust with key stakeholders.


  • Assisted legal counsel in formulating response to draft audit findings
  • Developed internal and external response plans and messaging
  • Assisted in executing proactive communication with key audiences on the eve of the audit’s release
  • Proactively pitched interviews with print journalists who were writing stories from embargoed information from the auditor
  • Conducted media training for key executives
  • Proactively pitched interviews upon the audit’s release
  • Monitored and corrected/clarified inaccurate information


The organization’s response to the audit resulted in no legal or legislative action being taken. Additionally, there was no disruption or loss of business. While the organization had anticipated receiving several calls and emails from upset or concerned stakeholders, they were surprised by the number of compliments for how the issue was managed, which outweighed concerns 10-to-1.