Intrepid – Proactive Crisis Communications Planning

Proactive Crisis Communications Planning

Investing in crisis communications planning helps to ensure effective response, mitigate organizational brand and reputation damage and provide a higher level of confidence for executives and managers alike.    


Crisis Planning

Crisis Communication Planning

Intrepid employ a proprietary process that has been honed through years of crisis experience to ensure our clients are as effective as possible in preparing for and responding to crises. We collaborate with you to tailor a plan specific to your organization. Our experience helps to ensure planning efforts are thorough, flexible and include redundancy so timely decisions can be made at all levels and response can be executed even in the most extenuating circumstances.


Crisis Tune-Ups

Intrepid Crisis Tune-Ups

We conduct regular check-ups to help our clients review and update crisis communication plans to ensure they are current and prepared. This generally takes place at least twice a year and is coupled with crisis communication training or simulations.



Crisis Monitoring & Response

Crisis Monitoring and Response

Intrepid serves as an on-call partner to assist with crisis response. As part of this service, we provide traditional and social media monitoring and are available 24/7/365 to help you respond to situations both big and small.



Crisis Simulations

Intrepid Crisis Simulations

We develop and execute simulations to test crisis plans and analyze response. Intrepid tailors every simulation to ensure the experience is as realistic and applicable as possible. Simulations range from table-top exercises to half-day activities. Additionally, we can help adapt an existing safety or incident response exercise to incorporate crisis communication components.    


Crisis Media Spokesperson Training

Crisis Media Spokesperson Training

We offer crisis media spokesperson trainings that prepare participants to answer difficult questions under extenuating situations. Intrepid provides unparalleled insight both from its team’s experience working as journalists, serving as crisis spokespersons and from training and coaching numerous clients. Intrepid has trained hundreds of spokespersons from corporate executives, attorneys, engineers and physicians to professional athletes.

Intrepid Crisis Communication Experience + Case Studies

Intrepid's experience includes handling crises communications relating to data breaches, data hackings, phishing attacks, industrial accidents, investigative reports, corporate fraud, state and federal audits, sexual harassment, litigation, protests, murders, kidnappings, environmental issues, social media controversies, corporate downsizing and racial issues.