Intrepid – Racial Controversy Crisis Communications Case Study

Racial Controversy Crisis - Case Study

Intrepid - Racial Controversy Crisis Case Study


A national company with significant clients in several large, diverse metropolitan areas produced and distributed, through a government entity, some materials that were considered racially insensitive by a minority group in a prominent Midwest city. When the issue became public, the company at the request of the government entity did not respond. 


After the issue had escalated with significant ongoing media coverage and protests, Intrepid was engaged to help the company address the situation and work to repair the damage. The client was also concerned with minimizing fallout in other markets.


  • Developed response and messaging for multiple audiences
  • Helped negotiate and coordinate initial response with government entity
  • Pitched and coordinated interviews with media covering controversy
  • Collaborated on outreach to affected groups
  • Prepared/organized response at public meetings
  • Briefed and trained national sales brokers for response in other markets
  • Managed all ongoing media response
  • Served as a secondary spokesperson
  • Clarified and corrected record
  • Consulted on reputation restoration campaign


Intrepid helped the company communicate its message and apologize in a highly charged, emotional environment. Although the company was not able to maintain its business with the local government entity, its proactive efforts helped to contain the situation and prevent loss of business in other similar markets.