Intrepid Clients – Mountain Accord

Mountain Accord

Intrepid - Mountain Accord Case Study


Protecting the Wasatch mountains is something everyone can agree on, but exactly how to map out the future for our spectacular mountains and canyons is up for debate.    


Work within the confines of an environmental impact statement and bring together 21 disparate groups including city governments, environmental watchdogs, ski resorts and conservation groups to plan for the future of the Wasatch mountains with a strategic outreach plan.


  • Conducted a general public survey along the Wasatch Front
  • Conducted brand personality exercise to determine personality attributes and main value proposition in order to create a name for the initiative and visual brand
  • Named initiative "Mountain Accord"
  • Created Mountain Accord visual brand and style guidelines
  • Held focus groups to understand public’s reaction to name and visual brand
  • Developed a strategic public engagement plan to gather information from the public that included:
    • 22 formal open houses/panel forums
    • 28 additional community events
    • Focus groups
    • Telephone surveys
    • Social media campaign
    • Monthly email campaign
  • Produced a website and video infographic explaining the process and project


  • Gathered approximately 6,000 public opinions related to transportation and environmental, economic and recreational concerns
  • Received more than 25,000 hits to the website in an 18-month period
  • Received approximately 1,800 inforgraphic video views
  • Created and distributed social media content for all 21 involved agencies