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Intrepid Completes Worldcom Public Relations Group International Peer Review Process

Salt Lake City-based Agency Meets Criteria of World’s Largest Partnership of Independent PR Firms for

Quality of Service, Management Practices

 SALT LAKE CITY (Oct. 29, 2016) — Intrepid today announced it passed the Worldcom Public Relations Group’s rigorous peer review of its service delivery, business and agency management process. The Worldcom Peer Review is the communications industry’s most comprehensive peer review process to ensure partners satisfy the Group’s measurement criteria for overall quality and professionalism. This was the first time the Utah-based agency underwent the process since earning Worldcom partnership status in 2015.

Intrepid received strong marks in the three categories evaluated—strategic approach, client satisfaction and Worldcom partner performance. Intrepid Peer Review wasjudged by a team of the Group’s senior agency leaders who evaluate performance metrics, client evaluations, quality control and management standards necessary to properly service local and global clients while also employing best practices in firm management.

“Worldcom is the only global public relations partnership to require its partners to undergo a peer review, and it is a rigorous process,” said Todd Lynch, Worldcom’s managing director. “We evaluate performance on many criteria, including our Group standards and our profession’s standards for social media and measurement. Client feedback is also included so that our Board has a 360-degree view of performance and practices.”

Worldcom is the largest partnership of independent public relations firms in the world, with more than 88 firms in 115 major cities on six continents. Intrepid is the exclusive representative for the Group in Utah.

“The Worldcom Public Relations Group has extremely high standards that not only make us better, but also improve our profession as a whole,” said Chris Thomas, president of Intrepid. “We are working to advance the practice of public relations on a global level and Worldcom is in the forefront of the movement.”


About Worldcom Public Relations Group

Worldcom Public Relations Group utilizes a trusted global partnership of independent firms to help clients create the perfect solution to any PR challenge or opportunity, regardless of geography, industry or discipline required. Worldcom’s independently owned public relations firms boast 138 offices in 110 cities on six continents, 2,000+ total employees, and combined revenues of more than $288 million in 2015. The average tenure of Worldcom partners is 13 years. Whether seeking a single firm or creating the ideal solution/team through a collaboration of Worldcom partners, brands have access to seasoned professionals dedicated to providing creative, strategic solutions that deliver results. Our firms are accustomed to working together and provide agility, strong media and local influencer relationships, deep industry and discipline experience and the knowledge and willingness to provide thoughtful, objective, results-driven counsel. 


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