Intrepid Clients – Student Neighborhood Access Program

Student Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP) 


Encouraging kids to walk or bike to school isn’t a tough sell, but convincing moms that their children will arrive safely to school was the task the Student Neighborhood Access Program’s (SNAP) had to tackle.


Through research we discovered that moms live on their smart phones, so we created the "Walking School Bus" app that enables parents to coordinate adult-led group walks to and from school and receive notifications when their children safely arrive.

      Intrepid - UDOT SNAP - Student Neighborhood Access Program Case Study


      • Created the world’s first “Walking School Bus” app
      • Targeted earned media, courting bloggers and other influencers
      • Communicated the benefits of the app through targeted PTA organizations 
      • Developed direct mail and email blast programs to principals and district administrators
      • Organized and executed a targeted earned media launch event 


      • More than 1,000 walking groups created across the state of Utah
      • 415,000 car trips reduced around crowded school zones
      • 330,000 miles walked (13 times around the earth)
      • 116 million grams of CO2 emissions eliminated
      • 33 million calories burned
      • More than 150 print and broadcast stories
      • More than 20 national awards, including five Silver Anvils